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New ICOO Voting scheduled for November 1st, 2018

Dear Valued ICOO Holder,
As we are aiming to become more compliant with international policies, and the ICO services, rendered by our company have singnificantly decreased in last 6 months, we propose a vote on a new ICOO buyback and distribution policy. The Full Buyback proposal:Buyback & Burn of the ICOO tokens on BTC market.

In the beginning of December 2018 and every beginning of the month from then on, we will calculate 2% of the ICOO token Market Cap in BTC (, as we did before. During the first week of each month, we will place an ICOO Buyback order to ICOO/BTC market for the whole amount of BTC.

All bought-back ICOO tokens will be burned.

The price to place an order will be calculated based on the Median Value from the market price in the previous month.

If the order is not closed during the month, it will be cancelled and the remained assets will be put in the new order.

It will work like this:


Suppose the Median Value is 100 ICOO for 1 OPEN.BTC in November. We got 1 OPEN.BTC to be used in ICOO buyback in December. We've put an order on ICOO-OPEN.BTC market in amount 100 ICOO to 1 OPEN.BTC. Only 0.5 OPEN.BTC were spent in that order by next buyback in January.


Median Value is 250 ICOO for 1 OPEN.BTC in December. We have collected 2 OPEN.BTC to be used in ICOO buyback in January. We cancel the previous order and add 0.5 OPEN.BTC to 2 OPEN.BTC and place the new order in the amount of 350 ICOO to 2.5 OPEN.BTC.

VOTING RUNS UNTIL 30.11.2018, 15:00 CET Only current ICOO holders can take part in voting. To ensure an accurate voting procedure, we will take a snapshot of ICOO holders accounts on 09:00 CET, November 1st, 2018.

Especially for this voting, we will create a new voting asset - the ICOO.VOTING token, in the amount of ICOO supply shown in the snapshot.

Start of voting - November 1st, 2018

On November 1st, every ICOO token holder will receive an incoming payment of ICOO.VOTING tokens, matching the amount of ICOO they own according to the snapshot. Tokens will be sent from the account icoo-voting. In the memo field, each recipient will find the conditions of the voting procedure.

In order to express your opinion, you should send the ICOO.VOTING tokens to the following accounts:

  • icoo.option1 - if you wish to accept the above-mentioned Full Buyback proposal
  • icoo.option2 - if you wish to leave the current procedures in place

Please check your OpenLedger account on November 1st, and express your opinion on ICOO’s future!

Do you agree with the Full Buyback proposal? * YES -> send your ICOO.VOTING tokens to icoo.option1 account * NO -> send your ICOO.VOTING tokens to icoo.option2 account|

On November 30th, 2018 15:00 CET we will take the snapshot of the voting options accounts, and make a calculation.

Whichever of the two voting accounts has more tokens will be the winner, and the Full Buyback Proposal will be implemented according to the results of this vote.

Please note:

If ICOO.VOTING tokens are not sent to either voting account, they will not be counted. This could be, for example, if tokens are sent to the wrong account, or never sent at all.

For example: If 50 000 ICOO.VOTING tokens were sent to icoo.option1 account and 200 ICOO.VOTING tokens were sent to icoo.option2 account by the end of the voting. The result will be - YES.

The ICOO.VOTING token is only a token that will be used for purpose of this particular Voting proposal. No other use of this token is intended. It will be burned after the voting procedure is finishedAfter the voting procedure all ICOO.VOTING tokens will be burned (including remaining tokens on the accounts - they will be also pulled and burned)

After the voting procedure all ICOO.VOTING tokens will be burned.

What is ICOO

In the new age of digital currency, crowd funding has become more accessible than ever. Crowd funding-based ICOs have been made possible using blockchain technology, innovative project developers and the good will of people. OpenLedger is ushering in the new frontier in bringing you a new Economic Enterprise Engine: Crowdfunding 3.0.

Open Ledger’s vision is to attract some of the most promising ICOs for access by all interest participants. We believe that over time the industry will coalesce into just a few trusted and reliable marketplaces and organizations, through which project developers will seek capital, and where forums for the free exchange of tokens will emerge. Qualified professionals and advisors will also converge to provide reliable expert services to assist in the processes of tokenization, capital formation and asset trading.

ICOO is one such organization. Its team of professionals works with startups and early stage organizations to get their crowd funding campaign off the ground. ICOO experts provide services in the following areas:

  • Business model review and development
  • Establishment of new tokens (or coins)
  • Marketing of new projects
  • Coordination and selection of teams of advisors (accounting, legal)
  • Advice and support for secondary trading of tokens

Escrow services

ICOO can provide critical advice to project developers looking to expand their businesses, take a prototype to mass production, hire developers to build the next phase of a project, and much more.

ICOO is not only a services organization, but it also issues its own tokens that can be bought and sold on the open marketplace. ICOO generates earnings from its ICO services activities and distributes them to ICOO holders on a periodic basis. ICOO holders thereby share in the future success of the platform – if and as the platform grows, ICOO holders would then realize returns in the form of distributed income.

ICOO puts the power of creation into the hands of the people.


Time before next ICOO ShareDrop

Current total supply

xxx ICOO
xxx ICOO initial total supply xxx ICOO burned

Market Cap. (ICOO sold to public)

xxx USD
xxx BTC

BuyBack/Sharedrop history:

Date Bought and burned Funds used Status
July 2, 2018 Pending... Pending... Pending...
June 8, 2018 *Sharedrop 0.5 BTC Done
May 8, 2018 *Sharedrop 0.86 BTC Done
April 2, 2018 *Sharedrop 0.94 BTC Done
March 2, 2018 *Sharedrop 1.98 BTC Done
February 4, 2018 *Sharedrop 2.50 BTC Done
January 4, 2018 *Sharedrop 5.88 BTC Done
December 2, 2017 *Sharedrop 4.18 BTC Done
November 2, 2017 *Sharedrop 3.54 BTC Done
October 2, 2017 *Sharedrop 4.786 BTC Done
September 2, 2017 * Sharedrop 7.03 BTC Done
August 2, 2017 6.09 BTC 84.56 BTC Done
July 2, 2017 * Sharedrop 14.797 BTC Done
June 2, 2017 * Sharedrop 13.4 BTC Done
May 2, 2017 * Sharedrop 3.9 BTC Done
April 2, 2017 * Sharedrop 2.7 BTC Done
March 2, 2017 * Sharedrop 4.92 BTC Done
February 2, 2017 * Sharedrop 7,66 BTC Done
January 2, 2017 * Sharedrop 7.8 BTC Done
December 2, 2016 4,689 ICOO 3.19 BTC Done
November 2, 2016 4,610 ICOO 5,486 BTC Done
October 2, 2016 5,328 ICOO 6,74089 BTC Done
* Sharedrop - token payouts to holders

ICOO earns fees from selling ICO packages in the form of services. The holders of ICOO receive dividends in the form of “sharedrops” based on these real earnings.

A companion token, OBITS, also may benefit when new ICOs trade on the Open Ledger platform. While ICOO is involved in advising on the initial creation of new tokens, OBITS is primarily about the trading and marketing support for already- issued tokens.

Proceeds from the original sale of ICOO are and were used for: (1) development of marketing infrastructure; (2) development of an OBITS-based blogging network, (3) a reserve buffer for investment in further development of the platform.

The long-term goal of Open Ledger is to becomes a blockchain-based “incubator for tech startups”, and the development of an ecosystem to support these businesses to unleash the potential of blockchain technology in new applications. Open Ledger also aims to become a hub of activity for investors to find and gain familiarity with these emerging businesses.

We anticipate that approximately 40% of annual profits from ICOO’s activities will go Open Ledger and advertising. Approximately 60% of ICOO’s profits (“Distribution Amount”) are expected to be distributed as follows:

  • 20% of the Distribution Amount will be used for the payment of dividends to holders of ICOO6
  • 65% of the Distribution Amount will be used for buyback of ICOO tokens which will be “burned”
  • 15% of the Distribution Amount will be used to pay blog contributors and other media activities

ICOO pays out a relatively large portion of its profits to its token holders, in order to offer participation in the growth of the platform to its supporters.

The ICOO tokens:

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  • Allow the holder to vote on certain major decisions affecting ICOO
  • Are fully transferrable, and tradable peer-to-peer in marketplaces that have participating buyers and sellers of ICOO
  • Represent an entitlement to a relative percentage of ICOO’s periodic distributions of income or other assets

Value proposition of the asset ICOO


Frequently Asked Questions

Total # of tokens created:

In the initial coin offering of ICOO, a total of 490,748 tokens were issued and were initially outstanding. After giving effect to the repurchases (burning of tokens) since the ICO date, the total number of ICOO in circulation has been reduced to 465,952 as of April 27, 2018.

Premine/contributor pool

None. The only ICOO tokens in circulation will be the ones created during the time of ICO.

Total tokens created over time

No additional ICOO tokens have been created over time by automated means or otherwise. No “mining” of ICOO occurs. ICOO is based on Bitshares, and derives the integrity of its ledger from the Bitshares network.


Open Ledger is the initial platform where ICOO began trading. ICOO may begin trading on other marketplaces once there is sufficient interest among buyers and sellers of ICOO on the open market.


Tokens will be tradable peer-to-peer and on exchanges starting at the end of the ICO.

Maximum tokens created

20,000,000 ICOO tokens.

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BUY option on site has been closed. We advise you to go to all active markets on OpenLedger to do your buys, and we may propose to you the following ones, althought there may be many more:

The initial coin offering (ICO) of ICOO concluded on [month and year].3 Thus ICOO is no longer available for direct purchase from the issuer. ICOO now trades on a number of marketplaces.4 On those marketplaces, the following are examples of markets for ICOO: ICOO/BTC: buyers and sellers of ICOO exchanging between ICOO and Bitcoin.ICOO/BTS: buyers and sellers of ICOO exchanging between ICOO and Bitshares.

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